Speak & Spy MegaScope

Become the neighborhoods intelligence agent and/or clearly broadcast the latest activities with this Jumbo sized MegaScope which features the exclusive Periscope/Megaphone combination. Twice the size of standard periscopes with larger viewing area and working megaphone.  Made with tough high density polyethylene and shatter resistant Lexan mirrors. Can easily be removed from base and used in mobile backyard play.

Speak & Spy MegaScope

PART#: PS 7838
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My six year old grandson loves this.
He refuses to allow it to be secured because he likes to carry it around to "spy" on his siblings. He also likes bellowing through the megaphone at them.
A very solid play area toy.
Grandkids and neighborhood children loved this one. Has a good clear view through the viewing area, and also has the megaphone feature. The megaphone is not that effective, but in the close proximity of other neighbors, that is probably a good thing.
The product had great features, simple and entertaining.
The grandkids and I enjoy playing pirate-ship, scanning the woods for anything in our path which is an occasional bird of prey or a rabbit. Easy viewing, great toy to expand their imaginations and of course create some memorable adventures.
PlayStar MegaScope
Good quality and works well

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PS 7838 Speak & Spy MegaScope

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