Commercial Grade Toddler Swing

Pleasant, soft, high-backed seat snugly fits children 9 to 36 months. Features our thickest welded-link chain with soft rubber coating.

Weight rating is 155 lbs. when used with our Commercial Grade Swing Hangers (PS 7576 - Sold Separately).


Includes toddler swing with lap belt and rugged welded-link chain.

Commercial Grade Toddler Swing

PART#: PS 7534
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Great quality swing
Great quality swing!!!! Really top quality like you get at a public park yet better. The plastic seat is smooth almost soft and comfortable and the high back to the seat makes the swing very comfy for child to sit in.There's no visible metals for child to get burned on if it's out in the hot sun. The chain has a protective coating so little fingers won't get pinched. It came with a perfect amount of chain for our swing set, so there was no need to purchase extra. Super easy to install just hook chain on. My almost two year old fits in it great with plenty of extra room for growth and I can see this lasting for a long time.
Five Stars
Love this works well with 10M old comfortable and secure.
Worth Every Penny!
High quality swing. My one year old baby LOVES it. It's super strong, it has a safety snap on belt. It definitely beats the inexpensive plastic ones.
This swing is fantastic. It's softer than other baby swings I've seen ...
This swing is fantastic. It's softer than other baby swings I've seen and I really like the coated chain. The swing itself is one solid piece. There are no cracks or crannies where bugs and grime can hide. I use it for my five month old and I put a folded blanket inside to provide a little padding.
High quality swing
This swing is perfect for our grandchildren. The 1 yr old, 3 yr old and the 5 yr old fit in there perfectly. The design is so that they are securely slunk down in the bucket and rest their backs on the back of the swing. They are comfortable and love it. It is strong and sturdy and will last probably forever. I have left it outside all winter long and probably should bring it in from the elements but, the weather has not harmed it one bit. It is as good as new. I would definitely buy this swing again and highly recommend it over the other cheaper flimsy swings which will break or let your child fall out.
Awesome Baby Swing
Great, solid swing. I'm using it with a really chubby 8 month old. She loves it! I love that there is not any real crannies for bugs to hide in and how soft the plastic of the seat is when she bumps her head back. It also has a solid chain that easily connected onto my swing set and has soft chain covers there as well. It also has a lap buckle for added assurance. I was glad I spent the extra money for this top notch swing.
Great quality
Great quality, easy to hang on our play set. My very large 11 month old is comfortable in it and has plenty of room to grow. He's muck more comfortable in this style seat than the traditional bucket.
Great quality!
Our daughter loves this swing. We appreciate how well made it is.
Great bucket swing!
Great bucket swing! I've ordered one for each of my kids. The back and sides are high and safe, and the plastic is thick and sturdy. It is worth the extra money.
we love it. We love to see the smiles and ...
We bought this for our 11 month old grandson. He loves it, so of course, we love it. We love to see the smiles and giggles the swing action generates. It's sturdy...easy to install and it fits into our garden without announcing its presence with the bright primary colors as do so many pieces of play equipment. Love the vinyl coated chain. Also we leave it in place but invert the swing when a rain storm arrives, that way no puddle accumulates in the seat. Then it's ready to go into full action with the first appearance of sunshine, no need to take down and re-install after bad weather. It gets lots of use. Would definitely purchase this product again and will recommend it to other family members and friends.
Sturdy Swing for 6mo-3yrs
Bought this swing for my daughter. It has been outside for more than two years, and still looks like new. Not fading or cracking. Very good construction. The swing, itself, is all one piece. The chain coating is very thick. It is more stable for smaller babies, since it only has one set of leg holes and is deep top to bottom. We have twins now, so I'm purchasing a second one. My oldest is four, and she is just now outgrowing it (38lbs/40" tall).
Great Swing
This is a commercial swing that is built to last. I'm very pleased with the product and expect it to easily outlast my grandson, who will be two years old this summer. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a safe, quality swing.
Don't waste your money on the other swings
This swing is great. Very sturdy, has black coating over chain connecting swing and has a strap to buckle your child in. I like having the strap for extra safety and the high back makes it great for my 9 month old.
Great Quality
We bought this swing a few weeks ago and my infant loves it. It seems comfortable and though it is big for him, I do like the fit, as he will grow into it and I am not worried about him falling out as I push him in it. The seat belt is an added bonus, though not the best feature of this swing. Very easy to use - just hang it up once you get it - no assembly needed.
Quality product
This seat was purchased to replace the cheap toddler seat that came with the swing set. What a difference in quality!!! I expect the seat to last longer than the swing set. Our toddler loves it and we feel completely safe with him in it.
Exactly as shown
I purchased this about one month ago to put on a new swing set we have and I love it. It is very can easily hold my 18 month (22 lbs) and even my 5 year old (40 lbs) gets in there sometimes! The coated chain is especially good for the baby and the seat is quite spacious and comfortable. Definitely would recommend.
LOVE this baby swing!!
Found this swing and it matches perfectly with the xxx brand 'commercial' quality play structure The green is identical to the kid swings on our set! we absolutely LOVE this swing!!! We had the 'other' baby swing with the arm that comes up in the crotch area, but it always got tippy on the rope - not this one!! The coating on the chains is just awesome! Our little girlie is a fairly small 16-mo-old and still has a TON of room left to grow before this will be too small! She LOVES it & wants outside to swing all the time!! :)

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Space Between Chains: 14"
Min. Space From Other Swing Objects: 10"
Min. Space From Stationary Objects: 10"
Approx Length of Chain: 46"


I would like to buy this product... But I want to know how can we keep inside the house... We have no hanging materials.

This product is intended for Outdoor Residential use. We do not manufacture an accessory that will allow you to properly hang it inside your home.

Can this swing be hung from a tree?

We Only recommend hanging our products from a properly installed play set.

Is this a soft rubber swing or a hard plastic?

The Commercial Grade Toddler swing is made with a soft pliable thermo resin.

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