Rigid Swing Seat

Ideal for that child transitioning from a toddler swing. Helps teach "to and fro" swinging action. This swing has a strong firm seating surface and a heavy duty welded link chain with a soft rubber coating.

Includes one H.D.P.E. rigid swing seat that will not crack or break, chains and two welded quick-link connectors to connect seat to chains. 105 lbs. weight rating when used with Standard Swing Hanger (PS 7676 - Sold Separately).

Rigid Swing Seat

PART#: PS 7946
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Seems sturdy and well made
Seems sturdy and well made. The plastic coated chain is a nice feature as well as the ends being uncoated where you will attach chain to swing frame. Has a good weight to it, not too heavy and not to light. Looks like it is going to be able to stand up to years of outside use in all types of weather.
A Fabulous Find!
We've had this swing for about a year now. It is the perfect size for our 5- and 8-year old granddaughters, who love the support it gives (with the rigid seat). They make the swing go high, and I have complete confidence in it.
Nice swing and Chains
I have been redoing our swing set, upgrading the seats and chains. I only like rigid seats. Perhaps I am old fashioned or used to a flat seat, but the playground flexi-seats just aren't comfortable. I have purchased two other plastic, rigid swing seats both were good but more expensive . This one is by far the least expensive. It is for small kids mostly (<105#). The important thing is that it comes with the "good" type of rubber coated chain, and that is one of the main reasons that I purchased it. The coating isnt a plastic sleve or tube that slides over the chain and gets mildewed, torn and ugly.
Fantastic swings for young children!
Good sturdy swing seats and coated chains, easy installment, and my grandchildren love them! Easy shopping online and fast delivery!
This is a great swing seat for younger kids. definitely recommend
Solid surface and plastic coated chain makes it easy for younger children to learn the basics for 'swinging'.
Worth the money
The kids really seem to enjoy this seat; even the older ones try it out and stay on longer than I thought they would considering it's on a shorter length of swing. Have hopes for many years of use in our family.

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Space Between Chains: 16"
Min. Space From Other Swing Objects: 10"
Min. Space From Stationary Objects: 10"
Approx Length of Chain: 58"
Width Total: 13.5"
Width at Seating Surface: 10"


Is this seat available in multiple colors? I need at least one blue colored seat would like one green one blue and one yellow if possible.

PlayStar Swing seats are only available in the colors shown.

Sometime my child slips off the seat.

We specifically made the seat of Rigid Swing an arc to properly teach children the to and fro motion as they transition from a toddler swing.   The seating surface has raised pads with texture to assist with grip.   Have your children position the seat between their upper thigh and butt.   They will be successfully swinging in a matter of seconds..

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