Aluminum Dock Frame Kit

Everything included to Assemble a 4' x 10' Aluminum Dock Frame.  Sleek design is made with a strong tempered alloy. Lightweight and Durable; each section weighs less than 200lbs and carries a Full 15 year Warranty.  Can be built as Stationary, Roll In or Floating.
Combine with Resin Dock Top for quick assembly.  (Dock Top options sold separately)

Aluminum Dock Frame Kit

PART#: PS 1505
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We bought two of these kits and all I can say is the craftsmanship of these kits are amazing. The specs are exact (not even a fraction off). This is the only kit that I will ever use for all of my next projects.
Great Value
We bought and put together a 3-section floating dock with resin top. The bottom line is that we have a really nice dock for about two thirds what it would have cost to have someone put one in.

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PS 1505 Aluminum Dock Frame Kit

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Do I need to remove my dock during the winter months?

Normal freezing and thawing will not damage a PlayStar Dock. However, docks are left in at owner’s discretion. No dock can withstand heavy ice movement.

You should consider the following factors:

    What has been the history of ice movement at your location?
    Do other dock owners in your area take their docks in or leave them out?
    Are there local restrictions or requirements?
    What kind of recreational activities take place around the dock during the winter?

What is the height of the frame?

The Aluminum Frame is 5" tall, the Resin Dock Top or Wood decking adds approximately 1".

How do the dock sections connect?

The Aluminum Dock sections connect with either Dock Connector Clips PS 1021 (Stationary & Roll In) or Hinge Kits PS 1070 (Floating).

What type of top can you use?

The Aluminum Dock frame kit is designed to utilize any wood decking that is recommended for outdoor use.

How do you attach the top to the frame?

Use a #10 x 1 1/2" multipurpose self drilling screw for wood or composite decking.   if using PlayStar's Resin Dock Top PS 1320 the hardware is included.

What is the thickness of the Aluminum?

The Aluminum Dock frame kit is up to 1/8" thick.  Because of the extrusion process a measurement as a "gauge" is not technically able to be utilized.

What is the weight rating?

The Aluminum Dock frame kit has a weight rating of 1,500 lbs. per section.

How do you attach the ps 1155 dock floats to the ps 1505 frame?

The floats attach with 3/8" x 1 1/4" hex bolts included in the Aluminum frame kit.

What kind of aluminum is used?

A special aluminum alloy that closely mimics what you will find in aircrafts.

What is the actual weight when assembled? How do you attach the decking?

The actual Dock Frame Weighs approximately 75 lbs. Each Section with Decking materials and the various support components to make a floating, roll in or stationary dock weigh less than 200 lbs collectively. If you are using lumber as decking it simply attaches to the aluminum frame with multi-purpose self tapping screws.



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