61" x 93 1/2" x Tarp

Marine Grade Playset Replacement Tarp is manufactured with Snaps for fastening. 61" wide x 93 1/2" long.

This tarp fits the PlayStar Legend and Great Escape.

Please DOUBLE CHECK SIZE Required for your playset to GUARANTEE FIT.

Snap screws for fastening included.

61" x 93 1/2" x Tarp

PART#: FC 3223
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FC 3223 61 1/4" x 92 1/2" x Tarp

Material: Laminated Vinyl
Thickness: .35 mm
Fasten: Snaps
Hardware: Snap Screws Included


How to Measure

Replacement Canopy - I need a canopy that is approximately 89" X 133". Can you tell me where to find one.

We can provide Custom sized tarps.

What is the thickness of the tarp? I don't find any thickness of this product except saying Marine grade. Could you provide more details?(like 18 oz. 22 mil material or something other thickness)?

Thickness of this tarp is .35 mm.

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