Spiral Tube Slide Green - 300 Degree Turn

The Ultimate Slide with a Fun & Exciting ride.  Slide completes a 300 degree turn.  Features a simple to build, unique 5 ft high Crow's Nest.  Made from 100% Virgin Grade High Density Polyethylene.  Heavy Duty Thick Walls Will Not Crack or Break.  Mounts to a 48" or 60" play deck.  Includes lumber for base.  Weight Rating 400 lbs.

Spiral Tube Slide Green - 300 Degree Turn

PART#: PS 8823
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PS 8823 Spiral Tube Slide - 4 ft Deck

Approx Sliding/Play Surface: 110"
Approx Horizontal Distance: 4 ft (to exit) & 5 ft (to spiral)
Width: 24" (inside diameter)
26" (outside diameter)
Depth: N/A
Fits Deck Height: 4'
Fits Opening: Crow's Nest requires 26" W x 27.5" H opening;
Crow's Side Panel is 29.5" H;
Measurement from top of slide to ground 92.75"


Assembly Instructions

What is the width on the inside?

24" inside the tube, 26" outside diameter

How far out does slide extend?

A total of 4 ft from the tower to the exit.   5 ft. from the tower to the farthest point the slide cantilevers.

Can more spirals be added to create a taller deck height?

No, we cannot authorize you to deviate from the original design of the product. All PlayStar products are thoroughly safety tested to strict standards and specifications. Safety is the number one priority at PlayStar and altering products/designs may lead to unsafe conditions.

What are the measurement of the slide from a "birdseye" view?

56" from the left side of the Crows Nest to the far right side of the Slide.  46" from the tower to the exit.

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