Marine Dock Float

Superior Impact Resistant Marine Dock Float. Stable, safe and maintenance free with large surface area and low center of gravity. 500 lbs of buoyancy.


2 for $289.99 each
3 for $279.99 each
4 for $269.99 each
5 for $259.99 each
6 or more for $249.99 each

Marine Dock Float

PART#: PS 1155
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Float is what I was looking for
Float is what I was looking for. I used it to float something in a lake which would need over a hundred pounds of flotation and this delivered (to test, I had multiple swimmers climb on it weighing over its limit without issue). Quality looks good compared to anything I have seen and to my surprise had multiple attachment areas. If I need another I will purchase again especially for the price and value I received.
Five Stars
These are excellent floatation devices.
Midwest Pond Dock
Used 4 of these on a 8x12 treated wood floating dock on our 1/4 acre pond. Perfect amount of float. Love the lower profile of the float that puts us close to the water. Our tiny pond doesn't get any waves though. Just made it through our first Iowa winter without pulling the dock. They're still floating! Again our pond doesn't experience much for rough waters or shifting ice. Had them shipped to store. No problems.
Exactly what I was looking for
I've worked with these dock floats in building more than one dock, and they will continue to be my standard. They are easy to work with, attach easily, and there are standard dock designs/building instructions that incorporate exactly this size.
Good dock float
I bought 3 of these floats along with the Playstar floating dock kit. Each float was individually wrapped in plastic to prevent damage. All 3 of the floats fit in my Toyota Highlander with no problem.
As Described & delivered quickly!
I bought this to build a small diving platform for my kids 4' x 5 ', I just centered it under my decking and it floats perfectly, the low profile keeps it balanced well. I originally tried barrels which made the small platform sit waaaaay too high out of the water. This was definitely the way to go. Delivery was earlier then estimated. The price seems a little high for a big piece of plastic though. But comparable with all other similar products.

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PS 1155 Marine Dock Float

Length 36"
Width 48"
Height 9"
Weight (Approx.) 25 lbs


How do you attach to a frame?

The floats have holes manufactured into them to allow you to attached to frame. 

Are these filled with foam?

PlayStar Marine Dock Floats PS 1155 are not filled with any additional materials. We do not fill them so that if the float somehow would get punctured or torn open there are no additional contaminants or harmful materials to impact the environment or wildlife. Our Floats have 500 lbs of buoyancy each and will float in as little as 1 1/2" of water.

Do I need to remove my floats/dock during the winter months?

Normal freezing and thawing will not damage PlayStar Floats. However, docks are left in at owner’s discretion. No dock can withstand heavy ice movement.

You should consider the following factors:

    What has been the history of ice movement at your location?
    Do other dock owners in your area take their docks in or leave them out?
    Are there local restrictions or requirements?
    What kind of recreational activities take place around the dock during the winter?

Are the pieces inter-locking so I could have a 4X6 dock? Can I purchase the needed hardware from my local store?

PlayStar dock floats do not interlock. They are secured to a wood frame with 2" hot dipped galvanized lag screws and washers and to an Aluminum frame with 1 1/4" bolts.

Can I turn my float sideways i.e. mount at 3ft wide?

No, PlayStar dock floats are intended to be mounted and provide maximum stability at 4 ft. wide.

I need a floating walk way to cross 150 feet of marsh/swamp. Is this product right for this application?

Sounds like you are attempting to tackle quite a project. We would like to speak to you vocie to voice us as the best way to get you the correct information/products is to completely undersatnd your requirements.  Please call us at 1-888-PLAYSTAR (752-9782) where you will be immediately greeted by a real live voice. We can place you into contact with one of our dock engineers.

There was previous mention of a wood frame. Is that included? If not please explain.

There are 3 types of frames you can utilize with PlayStar Dock floats. Premium, Aluminum or Wood (Commercial Grade). These are all purchased separately from item shown above.   You can also buy floating dock sections which include the floats along with all PlayStar components.

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Please feel free to click below or call us at 1-888-PLAYSTAR (752-9782) where you will be greeted by a live voice.

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