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The Playstar Difference | Outdoor Playsets

Before you buy your outdoor recreational products for your kids to enjoy, consider what you are getting for your money. At PlayStar, we only buy the highest-grade materials available, thoroughly test all of our designs, manufacturer under a watchful eye and offer world-class customer service all to make certain your family will have outdoor recreational products they will enjoy for many years.

When you buy PlayStar, whether you realize it or not, you are buying into the PlayStar Passion. We hire and train only the best people who have a strong desire to make a difference on a daily basis. Those that understand what it is like to work hard for their money, what quality and value is all about, and want to provide nothing but the best for their families and yours.

When you buy PlayStar, you are buying from a U.S. company that cares. A company that understands it’s most important role is to enhance your family’s lives and to provide them memories that will last a lifetime, all in the comfort of Your Own backyard. BRING HOME THE FUN!!!!

Bring Home the Fun...Your Way  

Playsets Your Way
PlayStar is the only manufacturer of residential playsets that allows you to Choose the Method that Best fits Your Lifestyle. Build It Yourself, Ready to Assemble, Factory Built.

Docks Made Easy
Proudly Made in the U.S.A. all PlayStar Docks are engineered for Versatility, Stability, Simplicity, and Safety. Shop and compare we are confident you will love our dock products.

Learn More About Our Playsets  

Learn More About Our Playsets

Learn More About Our Docks  

Learn More About Our Docks

Transform Your Playset  

Learn More About Our Playsets
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