Playset FAQs

Which Play Set is best for my family?

Every family’s requirements, wishes, budget and backyards vary. That is why we have created the exclusive How to Choose the Right Play System configurator conveniently found on this web site. Please take a few moments to complete 5 short questions to find the playset that is just right for your particular needs.


Does my yard have to be level?

Yes, we recommend a flat level surface in order to maximize playset stability and create the safest play area for your children. It is best to level out an area big enough for your new playset prior to assembly and installation. You can find area requirements, including a six foot safety zone for each of our Play Systems on this web site.


What type of lumber and materials should I use to build my playset?

Any lumber recommended for outdoor projects. Your PlayStar retailer can answer any specific questions you may have and assist you with your lumber selection. Please check to make sure the screws you use are compatible with your lumber choice.


What should I place under and around my new Playset?

The Consumer Product Safety Council recommends the following loose fill surfacing materials: wood mulch at 9” depth, double shredded bark at 9” depth, uniform wood chips at 12” depth, fine sand at 12” depth, fine gravel at 12” depth. For a complete chart as well as other safe play information please visit our safety section.


How do I figure cubic yards for surfacing materials? 

Depth in inches/12 = depth in feet

Width in feet X Length in feet X Depth in feet = Total cubic feet

Total cubic feet/ 27 = Total cubic yards

You can also use our Calculator to help.


Can I use these playsets in a daycare setting?

According to the American Standards for Testing and Materials Home Playground Equipment is not intended to apply to equipment to be used in places of public assembly such as schools, nurseries, day-care centers, and parks. Equipment intended for day-care centers in private homes is not exempt from the requirements of this specification. Such centers are defined as situations in which the child-care provider does not care for more than six children under the age of ten that are not residing in the household of the caregiver and the total number of children under the age of ten does not exceed ten, including the caregiver’s children.


Can I deviate from the plans that are included in each kit?

No, we can not authorize you to deviate from the original plans. Our plans are safety tested to strict standards and specifications. Safety is the number one priority at PlayStar and altering plans may lead to violations of safety zone requirements, head entrapments, pinch points, and unsafe play zones.


Does the lumber need to be painted or sealed?

We do not recommend that you paint your playset. However a premium wood stain or sealer will protect your playset from demanding backyard environments and keep your new playset looking great.


What are the Dimensions on the PlayStar Play Systems?

All of the dimensions in the following charts have been rounded to the nearest half foot.

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